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Trends: Are you truly free to choose?


-Tommy Hilfiger, Michael Kors, Marc Jacobs, spring 2013

We always flip through magazines to stay on top of the latest fashion; we want to know what the newest trends are, how to embrace the latest spring fashion or to stay on top of the fashion industry by buying clothing from spring fashion shows…months before spring even starts! Before the new season even hits us we already know what will be in style, there is no doubt at the moment that within a few weeks white and black striped outfits will be dominating the streets followed by bright floral dresses for the summer. Before the season even starts we have all the posisble trends coming up dumped onto us by the fashion industry! It’s rather simple, all we have to do is google “Spring Fashion 2013” and the industry will be more than willing to give us hints on what to wear for the new season.

Would you be willing to step out from the crowd and wear something different? We both know that doing so would be a risky move. Especially now that conformity is now the best way to show that you are fashionable. Haven’t you ever noticed that we aren’t really free to choose how we dress? How our options made while shopping are controlled by decisions made by companies years ago?  We live in a society in which the freedom to pursue our own trends and fashions has now become a difficult thing to do. There are very few people who defy conformity and follow their own trends; yet, most of these people have the means to create their own trends and are often aspiring new fashion designers. Us common folk aren’t as talented and can’t create what we desire because we don’t know how to and we don’t have access to the tools for it.

So you might be thinking "What is it that I can do then?" Theres not much of a choice out there when different brands utilize the same materials and patterns for their clothing, despite the minor differences in style between brands, they all still follow the same general trends. The colors are still the same, the patterns never change.

This is when we step in. You are currently wondering what is it that we can do when the choices available are already limited and set in stone years ago. We’re offering you, the consumer, the ability to choose what we will be selling. You will be the one deciding what to wear, what to buy and the power to create your own trend will be yours. All we ask of you, is that you finally step up and make your opinions known. Tell us what you want, your favourite colors, your favorite styles and we will do our best to bring what you like to you. What we will be selling will be decided by you, not some busybodies sitting at a corporate meeting deciding the world’s fashion trends for the next twenty years. Make your voice be heard and take hold of your freedom to choose what to buy.

-Prinelle Manager, Eliot

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