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Asian vs. Western Fashion: What do you want?

When it comes to fashion there are many varying types of clothing styles inspired by what people want in their clothing. Some females desire more lace, more ruffles and more extravagant princess-like articles of clothing, while others prefer simpler, rustic-styled clothing. However, due to the variance of what people desire, individuals are able to combine different styles to create new looks.

In Western culture, our choices are more limited due to the presence of large corporations dominating the market. Unique clothing styles have become a niche in the fashion industry. Many Europeans are avid followers of fashion magazines, I remember when I went to London a few years ago, the dominant color of the season was yellow. Upon walking out into the city of London, I felt like I had walked into a sea of yellow. Individuals were sporting articles of clothing and accessories of varying size and style, yet they were all different shades of yellow. It was quite the humbling experience to be in the midst of many fashion conscience people, yet it was also strange to see that everyone paid so much attention to what the color of the season was. However, this was most likely due to the fact that the market has long been developed and the corporations all play by the same rules and work together to create styles have their differences, but are innately similar.

"In London, people dress with an eye toward comfort, but they also keep their look neat and coordinated. Trends are popular here and several national chains furnish Londoners with inexpensive, of-the-moment looks." -Gigi Starr

However, in Asia, the options for clothing are different and the trends vary heavily depending upon one’s own decisions. There are those that follow the Western clothing trends, yet there are also many that follow the clothing styles that are merely niche-trends in European and North American countries. They are able to manufacture clothing at lower prices thus their variance of clothing styles are able to expand considerably due to the lack of large corporations dominating the field. This has lead to a rise in the popularity of styles that are thought to be flamboyant in Western cultures. imageThe price of producing intricate clothing has lead to a decline in this sort of fashion in Western culture. In contrast, Western culture is predominately more interested in comfort over fashion, which is simpler to produce enmasse at a cheaper price. If the situation were reversed and the cheap clothing factories more available to the West rather than the East, I would not be surprised if the popular fashions in the two cultures were reversed. However, this isn’t the case, so us Westerners will just have to be satisfied with our more casual methods of dress.

On the other hand, if you are interested in acquiring clothing of varying styles that are not within your reach, then please send us a message and we will try our best in assisting you. We are currently stocking the store with items requested by customers such as cat eared straw hats.

imageSet your own trends, wear what you want to wear. Don’t be afraid to be unique because we know that you are not a conformist like the others. Establish yourself and express your individuality through your clothing. Be proud of who you are.

-Prinelle Manager, Eliot

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