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While some of you are relieved that you can now purchase niche-fashion goods from us, there are some of you that are talented individuals capable of sewing clothing yourself. You find pride in being able to create unique pieces of clothing and enjoy the challenge sewing brings you.

However, theres always the pesky issue of finding the perfect fabric or you’ve been searching for bias tape of unique colors not sold in stores. Perhaps you’re almost done sewing a lovely victorian-esque dress but the local fabric stores only have cheap low quality cuts of lace available and you want only the best lace to complete your dress. Whatever the case may be, we are here to help you.

Through a description provided by you, we will search for the materials that best match your requirements and then send you a picture of it. If the material is what you need, then it will be shipped to your address or to an agent that works in your local area. It does not matter whether you require lace, resin, jewels or even entire sheets of pleather for your next project, if you make the request, then we will bring you only materials of the best quality.

Don’t let your imagination be limited by what is only accessable locally for you. As long as you have the desire to create something yourself, we will try our best to insure that you will be working only with the best of materials. You will not be required to choose from subpar materials of limited choice available in stores anymore, you will have access to an international array of matter ready to be sent to you at any notice.

If you are unable to complete what you were sewing, or if you messed up during the process. You can send us a picture or sketch of what you were trying to make and we will do our best to make it for you, or provide you with advice on how to make it yourself. We will strive to do our best to make sure that everyone will be able to express themselves through their own fashion and accessories. Individuality is what we value the most.

-Prinelle Agent, Lily

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